Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Rant...

Well, I’m still here.... just sitting in the background. The reason for my absence from the blogs is due to health reasons mostly.

I must admit though, that it goes just a bit deeper than that. I’ve debated for weeks now to post or not to post, but now I’m being *made* to pretty much.

I’m not a good sharer of my feelings and “what’s wrong with me”. I started this blog to do just that actually, with a spanking twist. I’ve lost focus on the *true* reason I started this blog, to have a place to learn to open myself up better. Well, guess what? I’m not learning.

I’ve gotten a few ‘hints’ from some people in the past that if it’s going to be a spanking blog, then that’s what it needs to be, meaning no emotional shit/baggage intertwined. I’ve gotten hints that my “humor” that I sometimes post (my jokes) do not belong on *my* spanking blog. I guess I’ve let this get to me more than I’ve cared to admit, or even realized, to be honest... until recently that is, and I’m actually embarrassed to say that I have. I’ve never wanted to get into the ‘blog drama’, and actually *refuse* to. (This will be the last time there will be a post of this subject matter on this blog, or at least I hope it will, that’s how I plan it anyway.) The truth is, I know that I don’t ‘owe’ anybody anything out there in the blog world, but what it comes down to, and the reason for this post, is that anyone’s blog that I visit I enjoy, and I *do* miss the interaction with all of you. I miss Storm busting my chops, and I his, and so on... you know who each and everyone of you are, and I treasure every interaction we have on one another’s blog. Let me say, just so my regular readers, and my regular blogs that I visit will know, that it has been *none* of you that has taken part in this.

I will guide those of you that have chided me for making this blog *more* or *less*, (however you choose to look at it) than a spanking blog to my very first post. I said it would be a “refuge” for me... a place for me to express my feelings out loud, so to speak. I never made a claim that it would be *completely* about spanking. Excuse me for not living up (to you few who seem to think that you have a say as to what content I put on my blog, and seem to think that *I* owe *you* anything) to your standards. Excuse me hell! There is nothing to excuse. This is *my* blog, *not* yours. I can take constructive criticism rather well, but when you try to tell me, and not in a very nice manner, what content to put on my blog, well screw you. Go somewhere else! I just don’t understand where people *think* they have the right to try to tell people what they can and can’t put on their blog. If people don’t like my jokes and me sharing my feelings on my blog, then *leave*! Ya know, Guy and I are *so* not into this for the blog “hits”. I could care less how many hits I have, and if I lose readers for this post, then by dammit, so be it. I don’t care one way or the other. Gawwwwd, where did I lose focus at on this?

For weeks I’ve thrown the idea around in my head of starting a second blog for my attempts at getting stuff off my chest that I find so hard to share, and for posting my “humorous” stuff, but the truth of that is, is that it will have spanking “stuff” in it too, because some of the stuff I have a hard time sharing is spanking “feelings”.

I’ve went and done what I’ve seen several other bloggers do, and what I’ve said I would *never* do, and that is let what others say and think get under my skin. Yes, shame on me, and shame on me also, because I’ve shared *none* of these feelings with Guy. The first he will have heard about it is when he reads this post. Woe be my behind.

Anyway, I’m not sorry for the rant, so I won’t say that I am. There may or may not be a post coming about little (and big) things that are going on with me. I guess it depends if I decide I *want* (and to you little snots out there, you will *not* persuade me one way or the other... If I do indeed decide to start another blog for that purpose, it’s *only* because I had been milling it over for weeks now, long before any of you started feeling like almighty God, and flattering yourself enough to think that you have a say as to what I put in my blog) to start another blog for just that.

That aside, I hope all of you are doing well and that spring is just around the corner for all. I will be back eventually. Take care all of you.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

all wondrous things
all miracles exist
and reasons passion bliss
art thou to me

'tis no wonder then

each breath and thought
or heart beat strong...
each storm curse wire walk
all reason(s) kiss

be all alone for thee

Thursday, February 23, 2006

It Waits...

"Now everything changed. My childhood world was breaking apart around me. My parents eyed me with a certain embarrassment. My sisters had become strangers to me. A disenchantment falsified and blunted my usual feelings and joys: the garden lacked fragrance, the woods held no attraction for me, the world stood around me like a clearance sale of last year's secondhand goods, insipid, all its charm gone. Books were so much paper, music a grating noise.

That is the way leaves fall around a tree in autumn, a tree unaware of the rain running down its sides, of the sun or the frost, and of life gradually retreating inward. The tree does not die. It waits."

-Hermann Hesse, Demian, 1918

Sunday, February 12, 2006

is it just me...

is it just me... or could everyone use a little summer about now...

MY little one and I are hanging in there, but it's been one dreary weary time of late...

keep focused on the blessings of your love...


Monday, February 06, 2006

The Day Things Would Change Forever - Part Four

Sorry folks, but I’ve been under the weather for awhile in several different ways and not spending any creative time at the computer, or any pleasure time reading my favorite blogs. Hopefully I’ll be back up soon and resume my normal activities.

In the meantime, here it is... long overdue that it is... part four of my story. I just got it finished up this morning. Hope you all enjoy. For those of you that haven’t done so... you may read part three here.

When we left our new spanking explorers he had tested her limits and she had gone further than she ever imagined she could, or even thought she had any desire to. He awoke a part inside of her that she wasn’t even aware existed, and he was so uncertain that he should even take it where they ended up, but there was something that just felt “right” about it all to him. The spanking beasts are alive and well in them, and their lives are taking on a whole new meaning now that they’ve both discovered what the other had been suppressing for so long.

They boarded their boat and headed out to their favorite cove of the lake. The sky was a beautiful blue; not a cloud in sight. It was a perfect day. The sun was hot and made her skin tingle. Somewhat secluded, the cove also had the occasional passerby. She loved to dissolve all abandon and jump in the lake in her birthday suit. He always chuckled at how free she seemed out there in their special cove as she jumped in as bare as the day she was born.

He had such plans for her, yummy plans that she was so totally oblivious too. He now knew how much she was turned on by his dominant presence and how much she needed and wanted this. Likewise, she now knew how it was such a natural part of him. It was truly what he was about; not in a demeaning sort of way, rather in a loving, wanting to give her what she wanted sort of way. He was all about her, and she him.

He let her throw caution to the wind and let her get back to nature. As she bared her breasts, he stood in awe of her beauty. She never saw herself as beautiful in any sense of the word; this lead to many chidings from him. He always wanted her to see her outward beauty, but as much as he wanted her to see that, her inward beauty was much more important; this he wanted her to see most of all. In one way or another he would get this across to her; it may take some time and patience, but he would succeed. Heaven help her when he set his mind to something.

She looked at him teasingly, invitingly as she dropped her top to the floor of the boat and let her hair down and shook it out seductively, inviting him to follow her. He dropped his trunks enthusiastically and jumped in behind her. She swam away from him quickly, turning to look at him, all the while grinning broadly. She let him finally catch up to her. He grabbed her firmly and teasingly scolded her for swimming away from him. She was a strong swimmer, but he still didn’t like her getting too far away from him. He kissed her deeply as he pulled her to him. She returned his passionate kiss and was rewarded with a firm squeeze to her needy bottom.

“This”, squeezing her bottom even more firmly now, “needs some serious attention, doesn’t it young lady?”

She felt the goose bumps crawl all over her body.

“Mmmmmm” she cooed and nodded her head emphatically.

She wrapped her legs around his waist as he kissed her passionately once again. She could feel his erection growing rapidly.

“Follow me,” he whispered.

She grinned as he pulled her along as he swam to shore. He spied a log there that looked very promising. She giggled all the way. He looked all around them before reaching the shore to make sure they were alone. The thought of someone possibly passing by sent an electric surge through her.

He propped one leg up on the log and patted his thigh. She knew exactly what he intended for her to do. She eagerly laid herself across his thigh; her breasts free and inviting for his touch. Her nipples erect from the air that brushed against her wet, bare breasts. Her pussy was throbbing in anticipation of what was to come. He softly caressed her bottom, feeling the goose bumps that covered her flesh. Without warning he landed a sharp, crisp smack to the freely presented orbs. She gasped at the shock and sensation that coursed through her body.

“Mmmmmm, do that again,” she cooed.

He smiled broadly. More than willing to oblige her he landed two quicker, sharp smacks to each cheek. She could feel the warmth beginning to build. It radiated straight to her quickly dampening pussy.

He caressed her nether cheeks once again. She could hear him groaning as he caressed and gazed at the bottom he loved so much. He could never tire of seeing this piece of beauty lying bare before him.

He slid his fingers slowly down the crevice to her moist area, slick with her arousal. He gently caressed her pussy that was beginning to ache badly with desire. With one had caressing there, the other landed a quick volley of smacks to her soon to be very happy behind.

Smack Smack Smack Smack Smack.

One after another landed sharply; igniting a fire in more than just her behind as his fingers worked their magic elsewhere. Her groans of desire fueled his passion, and his erection grew harder and harder.

“You like that, don’t you young lady?” His tone was that of a mock sternness.

“Mmmm hmmmm!” She crooned. “Do it again, please?”

He was all too happy to comply with her wish.

Smack Smack Smack Smack Smack Smack

The volley of smacks increased in their intensity. The healthy glow that he loved seeing painted on her behind was forming nicely now.

“Harder please, honey? I need it harder!” Her voice urgent.

He spanked down low where her bottom meets her thighs. He knew just how much this fueled her fire. Repeatedly and with great strength he continued the welcoming assault on his intended target. She was becoming less stoic now, but not from the pain of the spanking, rather from the pleasure that the spanking was bringing. He built the warmth gradually, but steadily; just the perfect pace to build the stingy pleasure that she wanted so badly right now. She was more than ready for him to take her right then and there; however, he wasn’t ready yet. He had much more spanking on his mind.

She begged him to take her hard and fast right now.

“Patience little one, patience!”

Her need was so strong, and he knew it.

He continued the onslaught to her reddening derrière. With each swat his cock swelled more and more. She reached down and grasped it firmly in her hand. As each swat connected with her bottom she squeezed it firmly. He groaned his approval over and over again.

Her bottom was pleasingly warm and tingly, as was her pussy. With the next swat as she squeezed his cock she began to stroke it slowly. She was determined to make him take her NOW. As she stroked, he spanked harder and began to scold her gently.

“Tsk tsk tsk! I know what you’re doing here!” He chuckled. “I’m in control of this situation here, not you, young lady!”

She would have giggled at that had her need not been so strong. All she could do was grumble her disapproval. She needed to feel him deep inside her pussy; thrusting deep and hard. She felt his passion with each swat, but she needed more. She was being impatient, she knew.

He grabbed her wrists and pinned them to her back so she couldn’t continue her ministrations to his stiff cock. The spanking started in earnest now. He rained down swat after swat; from top to bottom, side to side; leaving no spot feeling left out. She kicked and squalled and howled and flailed. Her bottom was on fire now, and that just fueled the fire deep within her pussy.

He paused and ran his fingers down to her slick wetness and stroked her roughly. He felt her body tensing, trying to fight off her first orgasm. The need for her release was too intense.

“Not yet honey, hold on, please!”

“I can’t, I can’t!” She begged.

The tone in his voice was sure to send her over the edge. His tone changed drastically, mostly for dramatic purposes; to test her.

“I said, NOT YET!” He boomed.

“Please please honey!”

“If you cum now you’re going to go cut a switch.”

She didn’t want the switch. She was ready for his cock, not the switch.

“Now do as you’re told!”

She was surprised at how she held on. He spanked her for another solid five minutes, all over her bottom. He spread her cheeks just enough to spank her most sensitive area.

“OH! Agghhh! Oh Gawwwd! Aggggggggggrrrnnnnnn! Uggggnnnnnnn” Her sounds weren’t even audible.

He was sure she was properly prepared now. He lifted her up and stood her in front of him. He pinched each nipple roughly.

She groaned and cooed and wiggled under his touch.

He slid his finger down to her dripping pussy and slid a finger deep inside quickly; thrusting in and out several times, bringing her to the very edge of her climax. His fingers roamed back up to her nipples and pinched roughly again.

Again, she begged for him to take her. It was time.

He bent her over the log that was previously his spanking bench. The roughness of the log on her belly was actually a wonderful sensation. Her legs and arms were suspended in air. It was all up to him.

He squeezed her bottom roughly several times and groaned his desire. He parted her cheeks roughly as his cock entered her pussy all at once.

She gasped at the sudden intrusion even though she was thoroughly soaked. He seated himself as deep as her pussy would allow immediately. He inserted one finger gently into her bottom hole and massaged gently as he stayed perfectly still inside her pussy.

She gasped and groaned and cooed and tried to wiggle around.

“I’m going to cum honey, I’m going to cum! PLEASE!”

With his free hand he landed a good hard swat to her left cheek.

“Cum for me, NOW!”

He alternated swats to first her left cheek, then her right cheek.

She felt everything in her being tense up as her climax approached. As he felt her pussy tighten around his throbbing cock he pulled out and thrusted back in forcefully. She thought she would pass out from the pure blissful sensation. She bucked and screamed as she came over and over again.

He continued probing her bottom with his finger as his cock worked its magic in her pussy. Her bottom hole was tightening around his finger as her orgasm continued on and on.

Her screams of pleasure could have been heard from miles around. She wanted him to release his hot sperm so deep inside her, but he wasn’t ready for that yet. He had more plans in store for her.

As she came down from her pleasure trip he slowed his thrusts to gentle probing. He let her recover and regain her senses before he released his cock from her pussy.

She groaned her disapproval when he slid his cock out. It was still rock hard with desire. She started to rise from the log and he landed five brisk, scalding smacks to each cheek.

“I didn’t tell you to get up, now did I?” He chided.
She squalled and wiggled, trying to get away from the rapid onslaught to her bottom, not from the pain, but because the pleasure was still too intense. She thought she was sure to cum again from the smacks.

“You need to learn to stay put until you’re told to move, young lady!”

She groaned knowingly.

He quickly and roughly bent her back over the log. As her head was going down she thought she caught movement in the woods just ahead of her. It was just a passing thought in her much aroused state. She didn’t give it any more thought, but that would change soon.

Once he had her positioned to his liking he got right back down to business, or maybe it should be said pleasure, intense pleasure for them both as it turned out.

He quickly and roughly parted her nether cheeks and she felt his rigid cock breaching her most private hole. With him taking her this way she was suddenly more aware of her outdoor surroundings. The possibility of someone happening upon them heightened ALL of her senses. Even with him entering her bottom she couldn’t help but to giggle nervously to herself at the thought of getting caught.

She gasped. “He’s going to fuck my ass!”

The revelation sent her senses soaring.

“Oh God,” she moaned.

He knew what this did to her, just as she knew what it did to him. For her, it was the ultimate form of possession. In this form of love making it seemed she could feel his passion and love for her the most. She loved the way he gripped her bottom firmly as he took her as his. There were times she just HAD to have this from him. For him, it was a “claiming”, so to speak. He knew she loved to feel his power over her this way. She always felt remarkably close to him after any form of love making or spanking, but when he took her this way that feeling was even stronger than she ever thought possible. She knew how much he needed to take her this way from time to time. They always fed off each others needs.

After the initial breach he took her quickly. His cock felt so enormous in her bottom. She loved the extreme feeling of fullness his cock gave her. He seated himself fully and began pumping in and out her quickly. He grabbed each bottom cheek and squeezed roughly, heightening her pleasure. With each thrust his animalistic groans became more and more audible.

She couldn’t believe he was fucking her ass in a public area. It wasn’t like there were people surrounding them, just the fact that they could be happened upon at any moment.

He began smacking her ass hard as he thrust in and out her. Her squeals and moans were becoming louder and louder with each thrust and swat and the thought of being caught kept racing through her mind. She was amazed at how this was fueling her excitement. The excitement in her was even more powerful than we he spanked her and fucked her pussy over the picnic table in the secluded area of the lake.

She felt his cock swelling more and more as his impending release approached. The more his cocked swelled the closer she came to her point of ecstasy. She was trying so hard to hold off so they could cum together. With one more firm grasp to each of her bottom cheeks and the last fury of spanks she felt his passion burst deep inside her ass as her violent waves of orgasm overtook her. He continued to pump in and out of her, slower now. His groans and her squeals and moans of pleasure filled the air. He felt her pussy contract over and over again; even as his thrusts slowed she continued to have wave after wave of pleasure.

They both returned to their senses and he just lay atop her gently, holding her close for several minutes. He stood back up and caressed her bottom gently. He pulled her up and held her close from behind. He traced his fingers up and down her stomach, across each breast and down to her drenched pussy. He ran his finger through the wetness, caressing her there lovingly. She cooed her approval.

As she laid her head back against his chest she caught movement once again in the woods. She immediately felt her face flush and her heart race. She turned and whispered nervously to her lover that someone was watching them. He couldn’t see what she was seeing, nor did he care.

He grabbed her by the hand and they ran down the sandy beach and hopped in the lake. She felt the cool water making her nipples erect. He pulled her to him and held her close, nuzzling her neck. Her mind was on the being that she just knew was watching them from land.

She whispered in his ear that she just knew someone was watching them. She could even feel the presence now. He just laughed and shrugged it off. They cuddled and nuzzled each other in the cool lake water for several more minutes until she just couldn’t take it anymore. They swam back to shore and climbed back on their boat and grabbed their clothes.

Once dressed they headed towards the woods. As they approached they heard giggling. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing; there before their eyes were a young couple. He had her bent over a fallen tree, his cock buried deep in her pussy and spanking her behind fast and furiously. They could hear her squeals of delight with each smack. They had to laugh quietly as they couldn’t help but to gather that this was the first time they had partaken in this kind of activity.

The young man looked up and saw them standing there, smiling, as if he was saying thanks. Shortly after, the young girl saw them standing there and jumped in shock. Her face blushed even more than it already was.

With that, they let the young couple alone to explore what they had just found to be as delightful as they did. They smiled to themselves as they walked away, knowing that they just might have possibly awakened the beast in someone else.