Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday's ramblings

Edit: I had started writing this post last night, but blogger was being quite temperamental and it just wasn't worth the fight, so here I try again.

Man o man, did we ever have the most horrendous rains yesterday. I don't think it stopped at all during the daylight ours. It wa so foggy this morning. When I look out my back door I am always so fascinated by the fog... the way it lays behind my house. It was quite overcast until lunchtime then we had the most beauftiful afternoon. This first picture was from this morning. I took some more this afternoon when my dog and I went for a walk. And gee, was the singular form of dogs ever hard to write. I'm not sure I am ever going to get used to this. *sighs* It's just so different. My other dog is still so lost. It's like he doesn't even know how to go outside to the bathroom without her. It breaks my heart!

The rain we had yesterday was so fitting for the grief I was feeling. Mourning the loss of my beloved dog, and missing the heck out of my Dad on his birthday. I'm happy to say that as they day wore on I found my spirits lifting. That's not to say that some little thought of P hasn't cropped up and made me weep like a baby, but I've accepted that as part of the moving on process.

When I went to take S out this morning for our walk, I walked by the couch looking to see if P was awake. Will I ever stop doing that? Yeah, I know... eventually... then it will even happen from time to time. I can't believe I'm actually writing this without tears in my eyes or streaming down my face. I'm going to be just fine... I can actually say that today, and it feels good.

Thanks for your comforting comments; it was nice reading them today, and I didn't even cry!

As you can see I am totally fascinated by water on the subjects of my photos, and when put in black & white... Wow! This is a leaf on my Crepe Myrtle. S was romping around, chasing shadows of leaves falling beside me. (Yes, he is a very simple four legged fella) The hardest time I think I'm having with him without P around is getting him to go to the bathroom... go figure. He still acts like he doesn't know what he's supposed to do. She was such the leader; poor S just followed her every move.

The Pessimist and I are headed north Saturday to go to my mother's place. We'll be back Wednesday, so I'll be offline during that time. She's having eye surgery (again) Monday. I hope to get an abundance of fall pictures on the way and while I'm there. However, the weather is not supposed to be that great. Saturday is supposed to be chilly but sunny, so hopefully I can get the good pics on the drive there. There's a chance of snow there Monday!!! Ugh!!

Well, blogger is being temperamental again, so I give up on trying to upload anymore photos. Check out my Picasa Web Album if you want to see anymore. They'll be uploaded shortly I hope.

I don't think that I mentioned that B passed the written part of his driver education course with a 96. He just has to wait for the call to do the driving part of it now, but he has to have his complete neurological workup first. That happens next month. He goes to get his pressure checked in his eyes this afternoon. I pray his pressure is down. I have no idea what they're going to do if it's not.

Enough rambling for now folks. I hope everyone has a good day. ♥

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