Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Just Stuff

I'm still here... just sittin in the background dealing with "stuff" that sometimes I think is getting the better of me. I've still been out a lot taking pictures, enjoying the gorgeous fall weather that is not long for this area. (The rain will set in soon) The temps have been ideal, except for this past weekend, which was miserable for the south. It was cold (to me) and rainy. Today was beautiful.

The Pessimist and I are going to venture out to this new State Park soon that we found out on one of our adventures. I'm looking forward to that actually. Just getting away with my camera in the warm sunshine.

As you can see, Guy and I changed our template. Nothing fancy. I just needed something to drown myself in, while it lasted anyway. I still have the hankering to do more. I just wanted something simple for now. That's my state of being right now... keep it simple.

Today I have dealt with two deaths in one day... one being my mother's former co-worker and good friend that had cancer. The other being my aunt's best friend that had a heart attack we presume... My sister in law having major surgery and my brother being a butt, not keeping me posted... dealing with some outrageous stuff concerning B. and his father. I admit I am a bit overwhelmed and not feeling real optimistic about things at the moment, but I will prevail, eventually... This I know, I always do; I don't know how, but I do.

"This too shall pass."

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