Sunday, September 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Guy !!!

*weg* OK everyone, it's time to wish Guy a Happy 50th Birthday !!! (Sorry hon, just had to do it !!) You know I love ya though !!!


Seriously though hon, I hope you enjoy your birthday ! Thank you for everything you do for me and the pessimist and for B. We all love you bunches !

You're always there when I need you. No matter what you're doing you always drop everything for me. You always tell me I'm number one in your life and you show me every day just how true that is. You've always been my rock in times of crisis. You've always had an ear to listen when I've needed to vent, or just needed a sounding board. You've been my shoulder to cry on, you've been my firm guiding hand. You've been my friend and lover. When I look back at everything we've been through together over the years, you've never let me down.

We can, and do talk about anything and everything. You're understanding, caring, compassionate, intense, and passionate. Your heart knows no bounds. You're everything I could possibly want/need in a man. You know me like no one else could. I'm so thankful for that.

I love you !!! Happy Birthday !!!

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