Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thursday Nothings

Look what I found on my shepherd's pole of my hanging plants yesterday. The photo isn't all that great I'm afraid because my camera had to be sent out for repair. I took this with B's camera, which I hate, and don't know how to use properly. This little fella was no bigger than a nickel! We have bigger ones in our yard all summer long, but I've never seen one this small or in this location. I was just mezmerized by its size and appearance. It was silver in color and almost didn't even look real. It's just the little things in life that amaze me most. ;)

I'm really trying to get used to the idea that photos like these will be over shortly as winter approaches. Luckily, where I live I can pretty much keep flowers like mums and pansies around through the winter months with some careful attention.

Soon they will be replaced with photos like this. This picture is of an ice storm we had last December. If we have any kind of winter activity here this is what it usually is. Sometimes I miss seeing the snow. If it's going to be dreary looking I'd like to have some snow to brighten it up once in awhile. Of course I'd really rather it be sunny and 70° all winter long.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a thrilling Thursday. :)

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