Monday, September 11, 2006

Beautiful, Peaceful Weekend

The virtually flawless morning sky that accompanied me on my Sunday morning walk.
A storm threatened when I took my Sunday evening stroll. Menacing thunder was all it could muster up. It was beautiful, one direction was a dark sky, another direction was nothing but blue sky, then another direction it was like this pic. I love thunderstorms, even as a child. My father gave me my love of them. He used to gather us up and take us out to the garage, there I would sit on his lap, safe and snug in his strong arms watching the spectacular lightning show, jumping as each strike lit up the sky and awing at the booming thunder. He taught me how to love the storms, but also to respect them.

It was a pretty peaceful weekend here. Much of nothing Saturday. Sunday we grilled steaks out on the grill and brushed the dogs in the warm evening sun.

I'm thankful for the beautiful weekend and what peace came along with it. My mother and I had nice long talk yesterday. Her spirits seemed good. She went to her friends church yesterday instead of hers. They rotate once in awhile, accompaning one to their own, then to the other the next. Then they had a full day out running around. It's good to hear that she spent the day out and about. I wish I were there to do that kind of stuff with her too.

So all in all a good weekend was had. I hope everyone else enjoyed one as well. Happy Monday to all. :)

Update: And look what I was blessed with this morning. There was a beautiful sunrise in the south!

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