Sunday, August 27, 2006

BOO!!! ... As Well As Some Rambling ;)

Life is a funny (not ha ha funny either) thing isn't it? I stepped away from the blogging world five whole months ago. Haven't been reading blogs or anything. The reason for this? I haven't a clue!! There isn't always a clear answer for everything. I don't even know that this post means I am back. All it means is that I felt like writing today, for the first time in months.

I've disabled comments (unbeknownst to Guy even) for some unknown reason. Maybe cuz I'm not sure if I'm back yet. *shruggin* When we first started this blog it was a venue for me (us?) to open up, a place for me to get things out of my head that I don't easily talk about. A journal of sorts for me. I had been reading blogs for quite sometime. I discovered them when my father was sick. After he was tucked away peacefully as he could possibly be given his illness, I escaped reality through the blogging world. It was a wonderful escape too.

I don't really know where I am going with any of this. I am rambling. It's what I do best ya know. I don't even know what compelled me to write this morning. Funny how it can just hit you all of a sudden, when for months, it's gone.

It's been an uneventful summer really. Guy and I took a trip to Cooper's Rock and my son and I got to visit my mother for a week around the first of this month I think it was. He ended up staying a couple weeks with her and his other grandmother after I left. It was a nice visit, just not long enough for me. I think he had a real nice visit with them as well. He came home a week ago today and started school this past Friday. I think it's so stupid to start school on a Friday. I can't believe he's a sophomore this year. Where the heck does time go? He was so slack last year in school. It really bothers/worries me. He's so intelligent, but seems to lack common sense. *sighs* I guess that could just be the teenager in him though. Who knows. He has all honors courses this year and says he's headed toward the field of oncology. ( I wonder why) Not really, I KNOW why. For anyone that's read this blog in the beginning knows that both his grandfathers passed away due to cancer. I know it had more of a profound impact on him than he ever lets on. But if he is serious about the direction that he is heading, man o man does he have a lot of buckling down to do. He can do ANYTHING he sets his mind to... anyone that knows him, knows this too. But will he is the question. Only he knows that answer. At fifteen, I guess I need to learn to accept that is all pretty much up to him now. Of course I still have guiding to do, but figuring out how to do that without letting a teenager know your doing it is almost next to impossible, especially a hard-headed, stubborn MAN-CHILD. At fifteen, are they already pretty much the man they're going to be? My best friend tries to tell me they are. I just don't know. Maybe they are... I guess maybe I think they probably are too... I dunno. *shaking my head* Ramble ramble ramble! That's all I do. On to the next subject of rambling...

I haven't written a story one over the summer, though I've had several ideas and attempted to start one. I spent a lot of time outdoors. Planted flowers... had two beautiful tomato plants that produced very yummy tasting Goliath tomatoes, until they got attacked by fungi! *groan* We still got several good tomatoes though. I took tons of pictures with a camera that Guy gave me... pics of our dogs, and a newfound fascination of mine... mushrooms... yes, I said mushrooms. *shaking my head* They're all over my yard this year and some of them are actually beautiful... pics of the beautiful summer skies and of my flowers and whatever else in my twisted mind that I thought was picture worthy.

I can tell by looking at my flowers that summer is coming to a close soon... which makes me so sad. The gloom of winter... UGH. It rains here so much in the winter generally. Doesn't get super cold though, just gloomy. I am such a summer person. I thrive in the summer it seems and go dormant in the winter. I dread the time change... so little daylight. Even these white "fluffly" (as my son used to call them when he was just a wee one) clouds threaten me with the imminent fall, then winter months that are too quickly approaching.

It's still sunny and HOT here for the time being, and will be up until the last of October, so I'm trying to enjoy what summer months are ahead instead of dwelling on what is to come. That's never been an easy task for me when it comes time to summer ending. I'm usually not too bad about taking one day at a time, but summer ending, *sighs* I dwell on terribly.

I hope everyone has had a nice summer. I've thought about everyone in their own little part of the world... Storm, Wind, Padme, CeeCi, Janeen, Bonnie, Naughty_One, Searabbit, and of course, dear sweet Poiesia too and all the wonderful people that I've shared idle banter with. To all, enjoy the rest of your summer. :) Posted by Picasa

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